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Kathleen Snyder
2-Dishes Culinary / Devine Cookies

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8 opinions on “Let’s Connect!”

  1. Good job on your blog layout and info. Love the photos too. Don’t think I will make Paella since it seems intense, so many steps and ingredience, but I will order it at a restaurant the next time I see it on the menu.

  2. The lamb dinner recipes sound great and somewhat easy to use. Wish I could have tasted this one too, as we both love lamb. Esp. Like the kiwi idea as I never know what to do with them other than slicing.

  3. Thank you for your comments! Yes, the lamb was easy to make and the fennel/carrot combination went perfectly with it! The leftover lamb made a delicious Stroganoff too.

  4. We ate at a small French restaurant again out by us for dinner.
    I had duck with couscous with fig chutney…it was wonderful and a strawberry/blueberry kale salad. All good even the next day for lunch ( leftovers). One of the best gourmet tasty meals around here. I am going to look for fresh figs…love them too.

    1. Sounds wonderful. Hope to try that place some time when I come for a visit! The figs are here for such a short season, it’s great to enjoy them when you can.

  5. Thank you for sending me to your site. Can’t wait to try a few recipes they look fantastic! I will watch for classes and hopefully can get in one. Do you have classes for kids? My 9.5 year old son loves to cook also.


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