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I will be happy to host a cooking class for your own private occasion or create a menu for a small dinner party or event.  The 2-Dishes cooking classes will expand your horizons with taste sensations from the Mediterranean to the Orient and we also conduct specialized classes focusing on Soups, Pastas and Canning. In each class, you will enjoy informative demonstrations, specific techniques and tips, and taste a selection of scrumptious treats!

Devine Cookies:


Living in Paso Robles wine country among some of the finest wineries in the world, I was inspired to create a taste sensation that could enhance and elevate the experience of wine tasting.  After thorough research among many of the finest chefs and sommeliers in the world, I developed recipes for savory and slightly sweet pairing cookies that compliment the many varietals in the region.  These cookies are made with a specifically analyzed mixture of fresh fruits, cheeses, nuts and spices that will bring your wine tasting experience to a whole new level!

For further information or inquiries:  (Use my Let’s Connect form)

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